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Circles of Trust

Secure Cross Border File Protection

Circles of Trust™ is an easy-to-use security solution, which facilitates the creation of a designated “trusted group” of people, for secure sharing and collaboration of sensitive data.

Data stays protected as sharing is done via an email, USB, mobile device, in the cloud, or sitting on someone’s desktop. Only trusted members can access the encrypted data.

CryptoMill security solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing computing infrastructure. With a high ROI and a low TCO it just makes sense to add in the extra layers of protection to safeguard your organization’s data and reputation. By using the intuitive and easy to use CryptoMill Security Management platform, organizations can create policies, setup Trust Boundaries, manage data movement and stop security breaches from occurring.

Vanishh is a simple and effective solution for securely sending e-mails that should only be read once by the intended recipients. No longer will you worry about your e-mails being forwarded, or where they will end up. Vanishh gives you the power to control your emails.

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