Self-Destructing Email App


Vanishh is a simple and effective solution for securely sending emails that should only be read once by the intended recipients. No longer will you worry about your emails being forwarded, or where they will end up. Vanishh gives you the power to control your emails.



Secure, Private Email

Emails are encrypted and only the intended recipients can read them (within a month).

No Forwarding

Recipients cannot forward emails to other people.


Emails self-destruct after they are opened. You choose how long the recipient has to read them

Easy To Use

Works with your existing email services - Gmail, Yahoo and

Multiple Recipients

Each recipient can read the email once.

Read Status

Check to see when your email was read.

Self-Destruct Override

Disable self-destruct on an email and allow a recipient to read it multiple times (for up to a year). Recipients still cannot forward emails

Recall Email

Recalls sent emails anytime

Proudly Canadian