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The automotive industry is continuously evolving. Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly becoming data collection and storage platforms. This makes it critical to comply with data privacy regulations across the globe. Some of the leaks in the Automotive industry, include Tesla's hacking and Honda's ransomware attack. EVs have been the target of hacks both directly and through their supply chain. We are proud to say we have partnered with APMA on "Project Arrow", Canada's first zero emissions concept vehicle, to provide them with cyber security protection.


Vehicle Complexity

Modern vehicles have up to 50 different automotive IoT devices hackers can attack

Autonomous vehicles contain between 300 million to 500 million lines of software code

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner commercial jet has 15 million lines of code, whereas a Mercedes C-Class has 100 million lines of code. With every line of code, the cyber risk to modern vehicles increases


Sophisticated Technology Infrastructure

Necessary to design, engineer and build
Also the prime portals into an automaker’s internal infrastructure and its vehicles for cyber criminals


Digitization and Automation of Internal Operations

With increasing digitalization of the modern world, companies are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks
Partnerships with clients and suppliers may lead to an increase in the risk of ransomware attacks


Cyberthreats We Eliminate

Autonomous/Electronic Vehicles with Circles of Trust


Eliminating Data Breaches From Nation State Driven Hacks

Secure sharing and collaboration

IP Protection

Securing supply chain

Need To Know Access

Segregated access level to designs and sensitive project details

Internal Data Leak Prevention

Prevent rogue employees stealing data or accidental leaks

Data Loss From Lingering Data

Revocation of shared data from current and former employees and consultants

We can address data protection on their endpoints and systems globally. Our innovation also extends to connected cars, and IoT extending protection beyond devices to the data itself as autonomous vehicles evolve in the digital space. In particular we can assist with embedded system security to protect specific systems.

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