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Regardless of whatever industry you are in, securing data is of the utmost importance. As COVID-19 made working from home a necessity, the transfer of data and remote access created new ways in which companies or institutions can be attacked. Whether it’s from an accidental leak, to the wrong email, or an attack that stole data, the overall safety of that data is a major risk that can lead to millions of dollars worth of losses

In the Retail industry, there has been many leaks in the recent past that includes Sobeys data breach and Air Asia ransomware attack.

All of these cases were either from an internal rogue who released data, an accidental leak from a misguided email, or an attack from external threat actors. Within the information age, data of all forms is highly vulnerable to cybercrimes or neglect.


Ransomware Attacks

According to a survey, the retail sector experiences 4,000 data security threats on average annually.

Ransomware scrambles files and renders them unreadable without a decryption key.

According to a survey by the network security firm SonicWall, ransomware attacks on the retail sector shockingly increased to 638 million in 2016 from 3.8 million in 2015. Retailers need to make sure the proper defenses are in place to thwart such attacks.


Third-Party Attacks

The possibility of a data breach increases in a retail supply chain as the retailer’s connectivity with various third-party networks grows. Target and Home Depot data breaches, two of the biggest in the retail business, were caused by third-party attacks.

Challenges We Tackle


Securing Retail Industries with Circles of Trust

Without affecting the application architecture, Circle of Trust offers data security techniques that protect sensitive data in high-risk applications.

Circle of trust governs data shared with third parties by keeping control and ownership of data regardless of hardware/device ownership or geographic location

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