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CryptoMill's SEAhawk data security products are the ideal security solution to protect sensitive data anywhere in your organization and against data leakage or loss. CryptoMill's SEAhawk can be easily installed on Windows-based laptops, notebooks, desktops or servers and provides additional security for USB thumb drives, Firewire / USB external drives, ZIP Drives, CDs, DVDs, iPods, any other external storage device recognized by Windows and more. Risks of data breaches due to loss of theft can be eliminated. CryptoMill security solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing computing infrastructure. With a high ROI and a low TCO it just makes sense to add in the extra layers of protection to safeguard your organization’s data and reputation. By using the intuitive and easy to use CryptoMill Security Management platform, organizations can create policies, setup Trust Boundaries, manage data movement and stop security breaches from occurring.



Limitless Functionality

Use with any number of devices, files, users and create any number of Trust Boundaries.



SEAhawk comes with extensive logging and reporting which ensures compliance, especially in the case of suspected lost or stolen laptops


Simple Deployment and Management

With automatic enrolment, and instant SED activation, you are protected right away. SEAhawk keeps management to the bare minimum to get you working as fast as possible.



Software FDE

Software Full Disk Encryption is available for non SEDs. We use the government grade AES cipher to secure your system disks, fixed disks, removable storage devices, and files. There is no conscious decision to make as to whether a document is sensitive enough to be encrypted or not. Everything on the Disk is encrypted! By virtue of FDE, encryption is mandatory and enforceability comes naturally


Hardware FDE (SED)

Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs), encrypt data themselves. Self-Encrypting Drives provide all the benefits of software FDE with none of its drawbacks. SEAhawk protects your entire disk with full disk encryption, intelligently turns on authentication for Self-Encrypting Drives if you have them or falls back to software-based FDE for your legacy drives. The UI and operational experience is the same in either case


Centralized Management

Supports business needs irrespective of location. Allows for data sharing data on any device. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, BYOD, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.