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Regardless of whatever industry you are in, securing data is of the utmost importance. As COVID-19 made working from home a necessity, the transfer of data and remote access created new ways in which companies or institutions can be attacked. Whether it’s from an accidental leak, to the wrong email, or an attack that stole data, the overall safety of that data is a major risk that can lead to millions of dollars worth of losses.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, there have been many leaks in the recent past that includes Norvatis data breach and the Ontario Vaccines.

All of these cases were either from an internal rogue who released data, an accidental leak from a misguided email, or an attack from external threat actors. Within the information age, data of all forms is highly vulnerable to cybercrimes or neglect.


Control over data usage

The pharmaceutical (pharma) industry is a prominent target for cybercriminals since it holds some of the most sensitive data and valuable technologies.

As pharmaceuticals host sensitive data regarding patients, patented medicines, clinical trials, research initiatives, and technological advancements, the pharma industry faces cybersecurity risks.

As a result, it is more crucial than ever for pharmaceutical to implement security and privacy by design.


Human Error or Negligence

Breaches and cyberattacks continue to be caused mainly by human error and irresponsibility across all industries.

A user that unintentionally shares data or uses unauthorized software and applications provides a backdoor for cybercriminals to intercept or steal data.

Due to a lack of data protection and due diligence, there is a significant risk of compromise in those scenarios.


Challenges We Tackle


Securing Pharmaceutical Industries with Circles of Trust

In addition to traditional infrastructure-based security measures, Circles of Trust operates at the data level.

Secure data communication is made possible by file sharing with the Circles of Trust.

No matter where files are stored, CoT encrypts them and restricts access to them to guarantee both internal and external access to, use of, and protection of intellectual property.

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