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In the Healthcare industry, data breaches have dire consequences. Some examples of these breaches include the Australia Healthcare hack and the Medibank data breach. The health-care sector is a particularly challenging area to deploy security controls for several reasons, especially because of operational requirements for high availability and integrity of sensitive personal health information used for patient care and treatment, research, and teaching purposes. CryptoMill provides data containment by binding specified data to a defined group of users using a Trust Boundary. Since the protected data is strongly encrypted, it is completely inaccessible for any user outside of the defined Trust Boundary, but fully and readily accessible for those users within the Trust Boundary.

CoT in the Healthcare Industry

Ease of accessibility to secure personal data
Ensuring confidentiality among all authorized healthcare professionals
Increasing interoperability standards within regional and provincial shared systems
Decreased potential management errors; increase in efficiency of data storage systems
Protecting all information management technologies at the point of care
Comprehensive security policies and procedures resulting in cost effective solutions
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