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Regardless of whatever industry you are in, securing data is of the utmost importance. As COVID-19 made working from home a necessity, the transfer of data and remote access created new ways in which companies or institutions can be attacked. Whether it’s from an accidental leak, to the wrong email, or an attack that stole data, the overall safety of that data is a major risk that can lead to millions of dollars worth of losses

In the Telecommunications industry, there have been many leaks in the recent past that includes Bell Canada hack and Vodafone Cyberattack.

All of these cases were either from an internal rogue who released data, an accidental leak from a misguided email, or an attack from external threat actors. Within the information age, data of all forms is highly vulnerable to cybercrimes or neglect.


IoT (Internet of Things)

• One of the biggest concerns facing telecoms today is how the Internet of Things (IoT) will affect the sector.

IoT has expanded dramatically in terms of its applications, opening up more access points. The users, clients, and businesses are exposed because not all of these points have been adequately patched.


Data Security Risk

The telecoms sector is one of the largest global collectors of personal data. Individually identifiable information is shared by millions of customers.

Of all industries, the telecommunications sector has the most sensitive data stolen.


Insider Threat

The number of incidents is growing as the insider threat landscape changes more frequently.

These threats include misusing assets, mishandling data, and inadvertently putting company data at risk.


Challenges We Tackle


Securing Telecoms with Circles of Trust

Provides a data-centric approach to protecting personal information. Effectively protects all assets and reduces insider threats by implementing strict technical controls.

Always ensures that the authorized user can only access data.

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