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Web-Based Market for Secure Communication and Sales

A central hub for innovation, where innovators, customers, and vendors can post offerings and request listings that can be viewed publicly. Once interest in a posting is noted, the discussion can be transitioned into a secure CODA discussion Arena, backed by CoT technology, that protects all sensitive information shared, whether it be files or messages.

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Data Protection

Protecting digital information and private discussions from unauthorized access.

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Supports business needs irrespective of location. Allows for data sharing data on any device. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, BYOD, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

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Strong Security

Secures digital assets with government grade AES-256 encryption combined with CryptoMill’s patented cryptographic control technology.


Standards Compliant

A secure CODA discussion Arena eliminates cyber risks associated with hacks on document storage servers, email servers, network, cloud storage as well as internal rogues, lost or stolen devices. CODA reduces overall operating costs, while elevating security posture to comply with data security and privacy regulations like GDPR/NYDFS/PIPEDA/HIPAA/PHIPA.


Seamless And Transparent

No additional steps or passwords are required to view or edit any encrypted data, allowing for no disruptions to your daily workflow. It will not require password entry to view for any members of the arena it belongs to.